Pearson Airport Woes (and some bonus Bus info!)

Gooooood morning Feral campers! We’re reaching out to you today to give you a heads up when it comes to flying into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport if you happen to be making your way to camp from afar.


Due to issues at customs and new regulations there have been regular delays with deplaning once your flight has landed and arrived at the gate. It’s now typical to experience average wait times at the gate from 20 to 60 minutes. We have also been hearing that in rarer circumstances individuals have been held on the plane for several hours. With this in mind, Feral staff strongly recommend that if you are flying into town for camp that you fly in the day before, especially if you plan on taking the bus.

You can read more about the delays and service disruptions here.


If you are an international traveler, another reason to arrive the day before camp is that random COVID screening upon arrival has returned. However, the tests are now being performed off-site. Regardless of your vaccination status you may be randomly selected to do a COVID test and you will only have one calendar day to complete the test.

You can read more about random arrival testing here.


The issues at Pearson have also caused major airlines to reduce service. This means that there are less flights servicing Toronto and we’ve been hearing from some of our campers that finding flights has been a lot more difficult than usual. If you have not already booked your flight for camp we would highly recommend you do so at your earliest convenience.

You can read more about the reduction in services here.


If you plan on taking the bus to camp, it’s recommended that you plan your travels accordingly to ensure that you are at the bus location no later than 11:30am. Again, if you can fly into Toronto the day before camp starts, we would recommend you do so. We also recommend you plan your return flight with a little extra wiggle room as there have been reports of longer than normal times to get to your departure gate.

You can read more about the bus services we provide here.


And finally, if you are flying into Toronto from abroad, please familiarize yourself with the ArriveCan app to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to enter Canada with as few issues as possible.

You can read more about the ArriveCAN app here.


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

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