Food at Feral!

Hungry like the Wolf... and mouse and porcupine and lion and sheep...

Feral! offers three hearty buffet meals a day. With a dedicated kitchen and staff just for us, the meals are varied, filling, and delicious! Ever been to a yogurt bar for breakfast? Now’s your chance! Fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, varied proteins, maybe a breakfast sandwich will greet you to start your day. In past years the Camp Arowhon kitchen has delighted us with a lakeside BBQ lunch, burrito night, spaghetti and garlic bread, Chinese food night, and many other tasty meals; what will this year bring?!

The kitchen staff work very hard to make sure every camper is fed and healthy, and do a fantastic job of accommodating any pre-communicated dietary restrictions, including fantastic vegetarian options, and they will work to make meals fit many other needs. Please make sure to let us know any dietary restrictions during registration so they can be prepared to feed you too!

Sleep in and miss breakfast? Too busy swimming for lunch? Not to worry! Fresh fruit is available all day for your healthy snacking needs. You will also be able to find tea, coffee, and hot chocolate at any hour of the day to pick you up or warm you up. Feeling like your furry forest vacation needs some more indulgence? Need something to carry you through a few more hours of dancing? Wait until you get your paws on our (almost) midnight snack! Every night at 10pm something tasty will be served up that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Although it is important to us that every camper is fed, full, and topped up with energy for the day, please remember that Feral! is in a remote location with limited resources. We hope you enjoy the food cooked up for us and eat your fill, but please be mindful of creating waste by over filling your plate as well as going all in like an all you can eat buffet. There will be lots of food at the next meal too, we promise!