Since the first Camp Feral! in 1998 workshops have been an important part of programming! These classes help furries learn and hone their skills in art, writing, costuming and more. Helping campers advance their skills is something we are very proud of and some of our previous students have even gone on to become workshop instructors themselves.

The following list of workshops is made up of traditional classes taught year after year, and it may change as instructors confirm.  New ideas and guest instructors (such as Flain Falcon in 2009 who held a panel on Podcasting and New Media) will likely pop up as well!  We will let you know what is set in stone here once it’s confirmed!

This page will be updated as the year progresses and the workshops become solidified! Check back for updates! Included below are some examples of some of the previous workshops Camp Feral! has hosted.


  • Basic Art: Start with shapes, learn how to fill them in, and you’re on your way to gaining mad skillz!
  • Action and Expression: Take your basic skills and learn how to give characters the sense of motion and emotion!
  • Inking and Colouring: Learn how to ink and colour the manual way!
  • Advanced Art Panel: Artists answer your questions!


  • Intro to Writing: A refresher or an introduction to the central elements of writing: Plot, Character, Setting, Theme and Style!
  • Furry World Creation: Always a favourite! Learn how to build a furry world for your characters to live in by doing it!  A big brainstorm that always leads to interesting conversations…and in one case, a novel written in the world!


  • Ears and Tails: Learn to start building a fursuit by making your own set of ears or a tail!  And to make things better, you get to take it home! (materials cost based on the quantity of fur used, generally between $2 and $10)


  • Poetry 101: Learn the basics of writing a poem and understand poetry appreciation.
  • Advanced Poetry: Become more adept at writing your own poem, and perhaps create one to read at the Poetry Corner!

Wood Burning 

  • Woodburning: Learn how to create something with wood and fire!


  • Songwriting: A crew of furry songwriters gather together for this workshop/panel to discuss songwriting techniques, and how they wrote their favourite songs!
  • I’m a musician, now what??: giving musicians…and really, artists and writers too…ideas on how to get your songs out there, what to look for, what to avoid, and maybe even how to make some money doing it!


If you would like to submit a workshop or panel, contact us here with your idea!