2019 Registration

Registration for Camp Feral: Pawnee's Super Soft Sweet Sixteen!

Camp Feral! is a summer camp for furs held annually in the wilderness of Algonquin Park, Ontario. We provide all of our campers with three square meals a day served up a communal buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner, in our beautiful Main Lodge. And for when the moon comes up, a cabin for you and your friends to spend each of the four full nights of camp.

Both camp staffers (Camp Feral! and Arowhon) offer a wide variety of activities for furs to enjoy. We offer non-stop excitement every day, from traditional camp activities like archery, canoeing, and ropes courses to our one-of-a-kind Camp Feral! activities such as Watermelon Football, MonFur Melee and more! During the evening you can attend campfires, musician's circles, and dances. Picture the perfect summer camp, except for adults... plus ears and tails!

Attendance Packages

Choose from three different packages

Registering as a Camper covers everything on site, so all you need is to show up and enjoy!
The Sponsor Attendance Package is for campers who want to attend but also want to give (and get) a little more!
The Patron Attendance Package is for campers who wish to offer a BIG help to Feral! By signing up as a Patron you get the whole experience!

What You Get


As a camper, your attendance includes:

  • Three full meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) plus snacks!
  • Four nights of lodging and five days of activities and events
  • Access to all panels and workshops at camp*
  • Access to games, activities without warning, random bursts of creativity, and what Camp Feral! does best: organized chaos.
  • A traditional souvenir conbook the least traditional conbook in the history of conbooks


Sponsors get everything Campers do, plus:

  • You will receive this year's unique t-shirt!
  • Access to the Sponsors and Patrons Event! Hang with the Guests of Honour and Staff! enjoy a hoity toity Wine and Cheese Event with specially selected meats and cheeses paired with fantastic wine, a champagne toast to the Sponsors and Patrons, Papa Goyle's 'Roo Brew' (Potoroo's dad makes beer... you drink it!), live music, entertainment, general frivolity!
  • 5 Raffle Tickets.
  • The knowledge that your extra help keeps Camp Feral! going, allows for new ideas to be brought in each year, and helps keep costs down year after year (Sponsors and Patrons helped keep our registration fee unchanged for a decade!)
  • Camp Feral! staffs' love, devotion, and lower-stress levels! :D


Patrons get everything Campers do, plus:

  • You will receive BOTH this year's t-shirt AND hoodie!
  • 10 Raffle Tickets.
  • A one of a kind gift which will be created by Camp Feral! staff and friends throughout the year. In past years this has included: wooden medallions with your name, green 'bloobs' from 'It Came From Camp Feral!', your character drawn in 'Puffball' form by Crono and put on a special bead necklace. It's a surprise for when you arrive!!
  • HUGE thanks, hugs and appreciation from Camp Feral! staff, and the other campers, for keeping Camp Feral! alive! Patrons help us bring Guests of Honour from far away places, lower the stress-levels of staff so they don't have to worry about supplies, and we can focus on creative ideas to entertain you year after year! In other words... you will rock a little bit more by being a Patron! :D

Join us this August 27th to August 31st for nature, friends, and excitement done only as we furries can do it!