Attendance Packages

You can choose from three different, all-inclusive packages


$615 CAD

Registering as a Camper covers everything on site, so all you need is to show up and enjoy camp worry free!* *We strive to keep the Camper rate low for furs who need a little help getting to camp! Please consider registering as a Sponsor or Patron if they are affordable rates for you! 

$675 CAD

The Sponsor Attendance Package is for campers who want to attend but also are able to give (and, in return, get) a little more! You'll get some goodies as well as our heartfelt gratitude!!


$750 CAD

The Patron Attendance Package is for campers who are able to help Camp Feral (and get some cool goodies), as we are a not-for-profit community event.  Register as a Patron to help us be the best we can be,  improve camp each year, and keep our Camper rate as low as possible for campers who need a little financial help getting to camp! You get the full experience!

What you get


As a camper, your attendance includes:

  • Three full meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) plus snacks!
  • 5 days and 4 nights of lodging
  • 3 full days of programming
  • Access to camp activities, evening events, and the dances
  • Access to all panels and workshops at camp*
  • A conbook that may or may not contain secret codes
  • Games, friendship, surprises, and... amazing memories!



Sponsors get everything Campers do, plus:

  • This year's unique t-shirt!
  • Access to the Sponsors and Patrons Event! Hang with the Guests of Honour and Staff! enjoy a hoity toity Wine and Cheese Event with specially selected meats and cheeses paired with fantastic wine, a champagne toast to the Sponsors and Patrons, and general frivolity!
  • 5 Raffle Tickets.
  • The knowledge that your extra help keeps Camp Feral! going, allows for new ideas to be brought in each year, and helps keep costs down year after year (Sponsors and Patrons help keep our registration fee low)
  • Camp Feral! staffs' love, devotion, and lower-stress levels! :D


Patrons get everything Campers and Sponsors do, plus:

  • This year's hoodie!
  • 10 Raffle Tickets.
  • A one of a kind gift which will be created by Camp Feral! staff and friends
  • HUGE thanks, hugs and appreciation from Camp Feral! staff, and the other campers, for keeping Camp Feral! alive! Patrons help us bring Guests of Honour from far away places, lower the stress-levels of staff so they don't have to worry about supplies, and we can focus on creative ideas to entertain you year after year! In other words... you will rock a little bit more by being a Patron! :D

Join us this August 24-28th for nature, friends, and excitement done only as we furries can do it!