Code of Conduct

NOTE: The code of conduct may be updated at any time

We want everyone to have fun at Camp Feral, but most importantly we want everyone to stay safe and preserve the pristine nature of Algonquin Park! We ask that all campers please read and abide by the Camp Feral Code of Conduct below at all times while present in any Feral location such as camp, the bus, pickup and drop off sites, etc.

The Law

Campers must abide by all federal, provincial and local laws. If it was illegal before you got to camp, it’s still illegal at camp.


The Arowhon grounds and surrounding park are home to a vast array of wildlife. Please observe the following rules regarding the many creatures that call this park home.

  • Do not leave food out where it may attract wild animals.
  • Do not approach wildlife or coax them to approach you.
  • Do not try to feed the wildlife. They can find their own food.
  • Do take pictures! This park is perfect to enjoy Ontario’s wild beauty from a safe distance!

If you have any questions about the native life in Algonquin, feel free to ask a Camp Arowhon staff member!


No glass containers are allowed! Glass can shatter and hurt other campers or wildlife. Plastic, aluminum or other shatter proof containers are permitted.

Marijuana is legal in Canada though the rules for usage, if smoking or vaping, are the same as our policies for any kind of smoking. Please see the Smoke and Fire section of this code of conduct.

Be responsible! Many of the activities open to you at camp require a clear, sober mind. Rock climbing, canoeing, archery, swimming, or anything requiring coordination or good reflexes should not be done while intoxicated. All docks are off limits if you are under the influence. We reserve the right to confiscate alcohol and/or marijuana until the end of camp if campers violate this policy. Serious or repeat offenders will be subject to expulsion from Camp Feral and Arowhon grounds.

In the event of encountering someone who is intoxicated to a point where they have become a health risk to themselves, please report this to staff immediately. Bringing our attention to a camper who appears to be in distress, is unresponsive, or who may need medical assistance will not get anyone in trouble.


All personal vehicles MUST be off site and parked in a designated parking lot after 9pm on the first night of camp. Campers can not leave their cars anywhere on site after cabin setup is complete without permission from Arowhon or Feral staff.

You may see vehicles on site for emergencies and for Arowhon staff, this is expected.

Excessively loud cars should not enter the campsite. Please be respectful and do not rev your engine.

Please refrain from reckless driving or driving with excessive speed when using the roads that lead to camp. These roads are patrolled regularly by authorities that can remove you from Algonquin Park for not obeying traffic laws or marked speed limits.

Smoke and Fire

There is no smoking in any buildings or walkways between buildings, especially inside cabins or on cabin porches. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only, including around fire pits. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes. Please dispose of ashes and butts in the receptacles provided.

Campers are not allowed to start fires. There will be regularly scheduled campfires over the course of the event, weather permitting and assuming there is no fire ban in place. If you would like to have a fire started and intend to supervise it, please contact Feral or Arowhon Staff. All campfires must be supervised by someone at all times and NEVER left unattended until they stop smoking.

Orderly Conduct

Please maintain a level of noise appropriate to the place and time of day. Sound carries better at night, so after sunset please be mindful of the volume of your voice or actions. There are people, including the camp owners, that live on Arowhon grounds. Be especially respectful when walking by all buildings.

Please refrain from using excessive lighting decor on the exterior of your cabin as this can disrupt adjacent cabins where others may be trying to sleep.

Please refrain from using high power draw appliances such as climate control or mini-fridges in your cabin as hydro utility service is limited and usage of these appliances has caused black outs in the past.

Please use care when handling flash lights. Avoid pointing them above eye level so you don’t accidentally shine your light in the eyes of other campers and never shine your flashlight across the lake so as not to disturb other campers trying to enjoy their evening in Algonquin park.

Please cooperate with Camp Feral! staff and Arowhon personnel.

Never fight or engage in inappropriate horseplay.

Never do anything reckless or cause undue harm or disturbance to any Camp Feral function, camper, staff member, property, etc.

Do not enter the water while wearing a fursuit. Being on the dock in fursuit is fine, but please bring a buddy for safety!

Illness and Injury

If you feel sick or have any injury or any health concerns at all, please let a Camp Feral or Camp Arowhon staff know immediately.

Do not overexert yourself, drink plenty of water and limit your time in the sun.

We have a nurse on site who will recommend the best course of action for you, including going to the hospital. If hospitalization is required we will arrange for ambulance transport.

If we know you are sick or injured, camp staff retain the right to enter your cabin and check on you.

If your cabin-mate is ill or injured, please err on the side of caution and allow the nurse to check them out.

Driving Off-Site

Please let Camp Feral! security know if you are planning on driving off site during camp. We don’t need to know why you’re leaving, we just need to make sure you have Arowhon’s number in case of emergency and ensure we’re keeping an eye out for your return.


No news media may attend Camp Feral!

Camp Feral staff may record events or discussions for our archives or any future advertisement.

Participation in video recordings is completely voluntary, we will not film anyone who does not want to be on camera.

Campers can also record or photograph, we just ask that you inform anyone that you’re recording so they can avoid your shooting if they want. Please respect anyone who does not wish to be filmed or photographed.

If you feel that you have been recorded without your permission, please report it to Feral staff.

Feral staff reserves the right to ask you to put your camera away.


Algonquin Park does not allow firearms, realistic replicas or other weapons, whether it’s legal to carry or not. Non-realistic water guns/cannons are welcome.

We do not allow balloons, water balloons, or nerf guns. The leftovers are a choking hazard for animals.

Campers can bring their own bows for use in Arowhon’s archery range but must obey the following:

  1. Inform Camp Feral! security that they have brought their bow.
  2. Only use the bow at the archery range.
  3. Store the bow at ConOps whenever it’s not in use.

If there are any questions about an item you brought with you to camp, please ask a Camp Feral or Camp Arowhon staff member for clarification, approval, or to leave it for safekeeping during camp. Security can revoke approval at any time for any reason.

“PG-13” Con

While there are no minors attending Camp Feral!, camp Arowhon staff do sometimes have children on site. Please be mindful of this when in public spaces around camp.

Do not display inappropriate artwork at any time, including the Trading Post. Any artist with adult content should place it in designated binders, using cleverly placed post it notes if required.

Tactful public displays of affection are allowed. We just ask that you be mindful of others.

Campers should wear acceptably concealing clothing at all times unless changing or showering in appropriate locations. You may be approached if staff receives complaints about inappropriate attire or exposure. Feral staff reserves the right to assess these situations on a case by case basis. If you’re unsure if what you’re wearing might make someone uncomfortable, err on the side of caution and change your attire.


Yes, there is some graffiti around camp, especially in the cabins. Please, do not add to it. It was left by teenagers and children, we all know better. This includes (but is not limited to) carving into things, drawing on anything, and defacing with stickers.

Theft or Loss of Personal Property

Camp Feral is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Bigotry, Hateful Speech, and Harassment

Communicating statements to incite hatred against any identifiable groups is a criminal offense. (sec. 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada)

Camp Feral is dedicated to providing a harassment-free convention experience for all, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or personal beliefs. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind of convention campers, volunteers, staff, or guests; harassment is considered a serious breach of this code of conduct. This policy applies equally to campers, staff, and agents of Camp Feral. If someone requests to be left alone, respect their wishes. Individuals experiencing harassment should contact any member of Feral staff as soon as possible.

Wearing or displaying garments, costumes, or signage that are deemed by Camp Feral to communicate hostile messaging or sentiment is not permitted anywhere at camp. Individuals in violation of this policy will be required to remove such items.

Out of respect for indigenous peoples (remember, we’re in Algonquin Provincial Park), articles of clothing that are perceived as indigenous cultural appropriation such as headdresses or ceremonial dress will be prohibited at Camp Feral!

Camp Activities

All camp activities (archery, ropes course, etc) must be done under the supervision of Arowhon staff.

You may swim without the presence of an Arowhon staff member so long as you are swimming in an enclosed dock, have a buddy with you, and are not using any water elements such as inflatables, slides, or the diving tower. In all other cases, swimming requires that an Arowhon staff member be present.

Canoes and kayaks can be taken out without supervision, but must be done in pairs and with proper safety equipment.

There is no swimming, kayaking or canoeing after sunset. If you see someone boating or swimming after sunset, please notify Feral staff immediately.

Please note that all activities at Camp Feral are done at your own risk.

If you have any questions at any time during Camp Feral!, please ask a Feral staff member.

Just remember:

Be safe,

Be courteous,

Be respectful,