Code of Conduct

NOTE: The code of conduct may be updated at any time

Camp Feral! is designed to be a fun and relaxing event for everyone – a five-day vacation from the hustle and bustle of your civilized life. However, as easy as it is to forget about the rest of the world in such a secluded place as this, remember that you are still in Canada, and still obligated to obey the law! Therefore, to ensure the safety of campers and park staff, protect the pristine nature of Algonquin Provincial Park and Camp Arowhon, and guarantee that Camp Feral! continues to be invited back to this wonderful place for many years to come, we ask that all campers please read and abide by the Camp Feral! Code of Conduct below. :3

The Law

  • Campers must abide by all federal, provincial and local laws.
  • Common Sense. Use it! If you haven’t got any, or are unsure about whether or not doing something might land you in trouble, ask staff before you do it please!  Remember, if it was illegal before you got to camp, it’s still illegal while at camp.

In addition to the laws set down by the various governing bodies of the land, Algonquin Provincial Park and Camp Arowhon have their own policies in place that they ask us to follow:


The Arowhon grounds and surrounding forest are home to a vast array of wildlife, like raccoons, chipmunks, coyotes, and foxes. Campers are asked to observe the following rules regarding wildlife:

  • Do not leave food out where it may attract wild animals.
  • Do not approach the wildlife or coax it to approach you. Think RABIES – Leave ‘em alone.
  • Do not try to feed the wildlife. They can find food well enough themselves, thank you very much!
  • Do take pictures and admire Algonquin’s wild beauty (from a safe distance, please).

If you’re curious as to why any of these rules exist, try asking a Camp Arowhon staffer. They’re very nature-oriented and well-educated; heck, ecological responsibility is the sort of thing they teach their campers the rest of the year when we’re not around!


  • …is permitted, but only in reusable, non-disposable containers. Glass bottles are not permitted. Plastic pop bottles, Nalgene bottles, canteens, flasks – these are all good containers. Glass bottles may smash…animals may get hurt…we don’t want that! We’re furries!
  • Be responsible! Some of the great activities open to you at Camp Feral! DO NOT MIX WELL with alcohol: Rock climbing, archery, kayaking/canoeing, and especially swimming while intoxicated could land you in a heap of trouble, a hospital, or worse – and although Arowhon has a competent medically-trained staff, the nearest hospital is still several kilometres away. You’re here to have a good time, so don’t ruin it by doing something stupid!
  • Campers who violate the alcohol policy will have their alcohol confiscated until the end of camp. Serious or repeat offenders will be subject to expulsion from Camp Feral! and will be escorted off Arowhon property.

Smoke & Fire

  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only, specifically the back porch at the Main Lodge and fire pits.
  • Please dispose of ashes and butts in the receptacles provided. This is for fire safety and to prevent wildlife from getting to them.
  • To that effect, NO FIRES! There will be scheduled and probably unscheduled campfires, but unless you are a staff member or have received very specific permission, you should not be lighting any of the campfires. If you want to start and supervise a campfire in one of the campfire circles for whatever purpose, ask a staff member as far in advance as you can, to give us time to clear with Arowhon staff and make the proper safety preparations.

Orderly Conduct

  • Please maintain a level of noise appropriate to the time and place. There are people who LIVE on the Arowhon grounds.  Please be respectfully quiet when walking by all buildings (for example, no overenthusiastic renditions of your favourite drinking song / pirate shanty / Sparklehorse tune while walking back to your cabin at 1:00am please).
  • Campers should cooperate fully with Camp Feral! staff and Arowhon personnel. They are protecting you and the future of Camp Feral!, and they are probably already totally stressed out from running around like crazy all camp and the two months before it, so give ’em a break.
  • Never fight, engage in inappropriate horseplay, or do anything that directly, indirectly, or recklessly causes undue harm or disturbance to any Camp Feral! camp function, camper, staffer, property, et cetera. Your friendly staff has spent a lot of time and effort planning this event for your enjoyment, and your fellow campers have also committed a good deal of time and money, so don’t ruin it for anybody else!

Illness and Injuries

  • Camp Feral! staff are unique in that they all have very close interaction with campers, and unlike many events can leave having met and socialized with every camper.  Even with this, it’s possible for illness or injuries to go unnoticed, so we ask that all campers bring this to our attention as soon as it happens.
  • If you feel sick, please let Camp Feral! or Camp Arowhon staff know immediately. Do not over-exert yourself, drink plenty of water, and stay out of the sun.
  • If you are concerned for your health or are injured, let Camp Feral! staff know immediately and have them contact Camp Feral! security. WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, and cannot diagnose you. If there is a Nurse on site, they will recommend you the best course of action and if a trip to the Hospital is required.
  • All camp staff retain the right to enter your cabin and check on you if we have been informed that you are sick or injured.  If your cabinmate is ill or hurt, please err on the side of caution and allow the nurse to check them out.
  • If anyone is going offsite for any reason please speak to Camp Feral! security first so they know the situation and to ensure you have Camp Arowhon’s number to call once you are in town.


  • Absolutely no firearms or realistic replicas thereof are allowed at Camp Arowhon, although water guns and other water-shooty-thingers are acceptable and even encouraged. (Please note that water balloons and nerf guns are not allowed due to left over choking hazards for animals)
  • Campers are allowed to bring their own bows for use at Arowhon’s archery range, however: a) They must inform Camp Feral! security staff that they have brought their own bow, b) bows may only be used at the Arowhon archery range, and c) they must be stored at con ops when not in use.
  • Campers are required to leave other weapons (or anything that can be mistaken for one) at home during camp, whether it’s legal to possess and carry or not. Campers must bring anything that may come into conflict with these rules to the Camp Feral! Security for approval, or for safe-keeping until after camp. Campers must comply if security revokes this approval at any time for any reason.
  • Boffer swords will be provided for the Capture the Flag event. Wheee!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of this information, please email us at

We believe our campers are better able to relax and enjoy themselves if they are assured that they will not be subjected to public scrutiny. To ensure that our campers are unbothered by the ‘public eye’ at Camp Feral! while also allowing them to take home memories of their time here, we enforce the following rules regarding media:

  • No news media, no matter how informal, will be allowed at Camp Feral!. This includes documentary crews of all kinds, and campers recording for purposes of later public distribution, display, or performance.
  • Camp Feral! staff may record events and discussions with campers for the purposes of archival video or promotion of Camp Feral! within the furry fandom. All testimonials will be voluntary and Camp Feral! staff will do their best to ensure that campers who do not wish to be filmed will be edited from the video. Please keep in mind, major events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, predator/prey, or the cabin skits are filmed.
  • It is a YouTube generation…video cameras are now our phones…our still cameras…and even our sunglasses!  If you do not wish to be filmed, please politely ask anyone who is filming that you’d prefer that they avoid you as best they can.  If you are concerned, please let Camp Feral! staff know and we’ll do our best to inform the camp that you do not wish to be photographed or filmed.
  • Please respect the wishes of any campers who don’t want to be photographed or videotaped.

If you would not like to appear in a Camp Feral! video, vlog or webisode we may ask to take a photograph of you which will allow us to scan footage to ensure you are not a focal point in any video. We ask that you also try to stay out of the front and centre of any situations where we are trying to film footage.

“PG-13 Con”

  • Camp Feral! prides itself on presenting a comfortable atmosphere for anthropomorphic fans of all ages and all walks of life, and campers should act accordingly. This means if what you’re doing is making anybody around you uncomfortable in any way, stop it! Additionally, there may be minors present(though Camp Feral! is 19+, Camp Arowhon staffers do have children on camp), and exposing them to certain material or situations can get you – and Camp Feral! for that matter – into serious trouble.
  • Inappropriate artwork (including literature, fursuits and plushies) may not be displayed openly at any time, including the Trading Post. Designated adult content binders and cleverly-placed post-it notes are acceptable forms of censorship for this material.
  • Campers should wear acceptably concealing clothing at all times unless changing or showering in appropriate locations. We really shouldn’t have to be specific about what this means. If what you’re wearing is making anybody uncomfortable, put something more appropriate on over it.  Please, let’s not have any Marilyn Monroe moments!

Public displays of affection are allowed. Honestly, it goes so much without saying that it barely even needs to be declared here. It would be ludicrous for us to try and prohibit them, even if we wanted to! However…

  • For the love of Falstaff, please exercise some tact. The word of the week is tact. Everybody knows the reputation the furry community has garnered in the world at large due to the overhyped behaviour of a minority of the fandom population. If you’ve been in the fandom long, or have ever been to a furry con, you probably know a handful of the people we are talking about. Camp Feral! challenges its campers to continue to defy the furry stereotype and live up to its reputation for putting the ‘un’- back in ‘conventional’! So please respect your fellow campers’ comfort zones, and conversely if you feel that someone is acting inappropriately, feel free to inform a Camp Feral! staff member.

If you’re still reading this, good! I know it was a lot, so thanks for sticking with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of your friendly Camp Feral! staffers. To sum everything up, what it all comes down to is this: be safe, be courteous, be respectful, and most of all have fun! We’re here to make sure you have a good time, let you enjoy yourselves, and make you want to keep coming back in the future!
Now, get out there and have the time of your frickin’ life! ;3