Friends of Feral!

Friends of Feral! are awarded annually to one or two individuals who have gone above and beyond over the years to help keep Feral! going. From people who run events or workshops every year, to staff still helping out a decade after retirement, to some non-furry friends and allies, these people have all made Feral! fantastic.


Deuce: Supplying his time, energy, sewing machines, fur, and YEARS to camp makes Deuce the Master of the Costuming workshops for well over a decade!

Miami: Long running M.C., retired in 2015 though you still see him shout from the back of the room. Otherwise, find Miami in performance at the Musician’s circle. A Camp Feral! Fixture, a Feral! Family Figure, and one of two potential #Feral20 completionists!


Hiker: He began as a student of fellow 2012 Friend of Feral!, Loopy, before he became an instructor himself. He has been on staff, and since leaving staff, has continued to devote time, most notably to Furry Improv.   If Hiker attends in 2017, he will either be one of two people with a possible #Feral20 complete set… or the only one. #TheQuickening

Loopy: Loopy brought Feral’s first mascot, Farley, to life. He is the longest serving workshop instructor, and has trained his students so well many have been instructors themselves! He has dedicated himself to Feral! for nearly each of its 20 years!


Branwyn: You hear his voice emerging from the dark by the Curve Campfire, or belting out a song during the Musician’s Circle, and a decade ago you would have heard his voice in a different way: in charge of Camp Feral! Chairman in 2003, and still helping out year after year, Branwyn is truly dedicated to Feral!, and we appreciate it!

Wotan: Feral’s Poet Laureate, founder of the Poetry Corner in 2003 at Camp Kinark’s Free to Be stage. It was perfect to offer the Friend of Feral! nod to Wotan on the 10th anniversary of Poetry at Camp Feral!


Max: There is nothing like it in the entire fandom. While furry conventions have struggled to maintain a good reputation with their business associates at hotels and convention centres… Camp’s Feral! and Arowhon have been busy building our relationship as a strange, temporary family that gets together once a year ironically to give each other a break. Max built that friendship with his INCREDIBLY POWERFUL bear hugs and smiling face each time we arrive on site. There is no Feral! as we know it without Max, which most definitely qualifies him for Friend of Feral!… Brother of Feral! would be more accurate.

Rhys: Awarded after a long run of being one of our sexy favourite counsellors. Rhys was always the happiest face when the bus pulled up and the saddest face when the bus pulled away. We wish him luck in his life outside of camp… while secretly wanting to see him as the Prince again…


Arius: Hyper-talented graphic designer and previous GOH! If anyone was our Johnny Ive, it’s Arius, giving the camp a distinctive look from 2010’s “Feral! the 13th” through to 2013’s “Canadiana.” We stand behind our claim that he changed the furry convention shirt forever, going with subtle nods to furry and theme that other furs would pick out on a crowded street but you can wear to work.

Rithy: The breeze, the creature about a hundred feet away in the woods… did I just hear a twig snap? When not helping us in ways we are contractually unable to discuss in detail, he is the noise in the darkness, the feeling of being watched when you’re certain no one is around… and as you see the life flash before your eyes, a half-man, half-shrub leaping at you… with a Caesar and a story… you know you have been tracked by the best: Rithy… Master Tax Man


Halex: The man with the velvet voice… and generous spirit, supplying cookies at the busses’ halfway stop at Tims. Has been on security, helped set up musicians circle, and is always a hell of a good guy!


Could Be You!! Most Friends of Feral! don’t even know they’re being acknowledged and don’t catch on even as their friends usher them to opening ceremonies. The Announcement will come just before we raise the flag. Or after. Who’s counting?!