Events take place after dinner every night, usually consisting of performances by campers before audiences of campers in an open or collaborative setting. They range from the artistic to the energizing to the unpredictably entertaining!

Below are some of the events we normally hold each year!

  • FeralDance_copyDrum Circle: A Feral! tradition, sitting around the campfire and making noise!
  • Voices in the Dark: Branwyn leads this evening event. No instruments, no lights, just voices over the lake! Join us after dark by the curve campfire to sing our favourite songs acapella. (weather permitting)
  • Adventures in Smut: Originally brought to us by Matthew Ebel, we have adopted it and are the Northerly branch of this cavalcade of clumsy crudities, fumbled furotica, and smothering smut, generally read by someone who is not embarrassed and slowly dying inside, and also, Potoroo.. Examples of our campers more embarrassing fiction, or that of their friends (with permission, of course), are submitted to be read. Aloud. Through microphones. In front of people.
  • Campfire Storytelling: Scary stories, funny stories, crazy stories, real stories, super duper fake stories…for serious, it’s a good time.
  • Musicians Circle: Furry musicians play their favourite songs or their original pieces. Bring an instrument or ask someone to back you up!
  • Poetry Corner: Since 2003, furs read their favourite or original poems, finger-snapping is encouraged!
  • Furry Improv: Since Day One Feral’s most popular event is Furry Improv! Watch some of our talented regulars lead an improv session…and join them on stage!
  • Dances: DJs keep you dancing for two nights in the Rustic Lounge!
  • Cabin Skits: Before Cabin Skits, everyone hates Cabin Skits. After Cabin Skits, everyone loves Cabin Skits. A unique Feral! tradition. Remember…we’re ALL embarrassing ourselves on stage, so we’re all in it together. Feral! and Camp Staffers will always be sure to look the dumbest so, you don’t have to!SponsorsEventPawnee_Nayo