What is Feral?

Camp Feral! is a bunch of things, but it’s best described as a furry summer camp. Feral! is essentially a camping con with cabins, traditional and new camp activities, communal meals, events and furry-related workshops for furries!

When is Feral??

Feral! typically occurs on the third weekend in August. Specific dates for Feral 2021 will be announced later this year.

Where is Feral?

Feral! takes place in beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Our site is rustic Camp Arowhon, where the first Camp Feral! was held and have visited every summer since 2004! Fun Fact: the father of one of our Feral staffers was a counsellor at camp.

How long has Feral! been running?

The first Camp Feral! took place in 1998, and we have run annually ever since...not that we’re counting, but that means we’re currently the 3rd oldest and longest-running furry convention in the world! If we have our facts wrong, please let us know! So far no one has been able to confirm otherwise.

If I am under 19 years of age, can I attend Camp Feral!?

No. For insurance reasons, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 19 as of the first day of camp this year.

What form of ID is acceptable?

Any government-issued ID with a recent photo. If you are concerned or have questions, please email info@campferal.org

How do I get to Feral?

Check out our Getting To Camp page for details on getting to Feral!  If you’re driving, we highly recommend that you tank up in Toronto and Huntsville, or make sure you have enough gas to drive 150 kms. Every year, a camper nearly runs out of fuel driving into the camp...meaning that there’s a nervous trip trying to reach the nearest station, which isn’t close.

If you aren’t driving, you can take the Feral! bus from the Herbert H.Carnegie Centennial Centre (580 Finch Ave W, North York) for only $50 CAD extra. We have maps and directions and detailed instructions for our bus riders on our Bus Pickup And Dropoff page.

Also a reminder: the campsite is not open until after 5:00 pm on the first day of camp so if you are driving, please try to time your arrival for this time. We will have staff in the parking lot from around noon on to keep you entertained!

When does the bus leave, and when does it get back to Toronto?

The Feral! bus leaves at 1:00 pm SHARP (we recommend trying to get to the location by 11:30 am just to be safe) on TBA (August 2021). It returns to Toronto around 3:00 pm on TBA (August 2021). You can find out more in the Getting to Camp - Bus Pickup And Dropoff page!

How much does Feral! cost?

Feral! Pricing information will be coming soon!

Why does Feral! cost what it does?

For the curious, we have written a little bloggy article thing to explain Feral! costs! Please click here to check it out!

What do I get for being a Sponsor or Patron?

You get our undying love and devotion...the joy of knowing that you helped Feral! run for another year...oh, and some pretty cool stuff!

  • Both sponsors and patrons get to attend a swank Sponsors Event celebrating your additional help...there are drinks (Roo Brew by Potoroo’s dad, official Feral! wine bottled by Feral! staff, soft drinks), cheese and crackers (selected annually by Dralen, our resident expert!), a champagne toast, music, socializing with Feral and Arowhon staff, and the Guests of Honour!
  • Sponsors and Patrons also get free tickets to enter into our annual raffle for prizes like commissions, special goodies, and one of a kind items!
  • Sponsors get this year’s art T-Shirt!
  • Patrons get this year’s Feral! Hoodie, and either the T-shirt OR a special gift. Previously, patrons were drawn into the conbook, given rayguns, adopted 'Green Blob Plushies,' gifted special staves that had magical camp-related names, and handed Jason Furhees hockey masks painted to match their fursona.

Should I bring extra money?

Extra money is not needed, however, you may wish to bring some in order to purchase items from Feral!’s Tuck Shop, to buy art from the Trading Post or you may wish to partake in the Feral! raffle. For some basic costs:

  • Feral Shirts: New are $25, Old go from $5 to $15
  • Feral Hoodies: New are $50, Old go from $20 to $45
  • Art Commissions: Artist's set their own rates...contact an artist you'd like to commission to be sure, however average cost for a conbadge is around $20-30 (again, we don't set the prices!)
  • Pop: We charge 50 cents for ice cold pop, available at con-ops.
  • Raffle: Tickets are $1 each, though sometimes there are special prizes with special tickets
  • Workshops: Some workshops have materials fees. Ears and Tails can vary from $5 to $20 and Leatherworking is from $20-40 (depending on the project).

Can I bring my pet?

Camp Arowhon does not allow any pets on site.

Can I bring my laptop or other electronics?

We would never say no. Artists may want it for arting, or writers for writing. We strongly recommend against bringing electronics due to the nature (heh heh) of the camp. Also, Feral! is not responsible for any damages that may happen to it if...say...it starts raining, or a squirrel decides to chew your power cable. Keep in mind you’re coming to one of the most unique events in the world, and it’s in the wilderness. We have plenty for you to do without your laptop!

Is there internet at Feral?

That is a loaded question. Is there accessible internet for campers? The answer is no. There is internet on site, but it is the equivalent of dial-up and intended for camp owners to check email...if they go over their bandwidth allotment they get cut off for the rest of the month. Some cell phones get reception at Arowhon (most don’t). Please, remember you can play around on the interdweebs anytime you want at home...the point of Feral! is to enjoy the company and the surroundings!

How close is the nearest town?

Funny you should ask! The nearest ‘town’ is Dwight but there’s not much there aside from AMAZING coffee and pastries (we LOVE Erika's!) and a gas station (which...in 2010...saved the skins of three carloads of furs!...TANK UP!). The nearest town with grocery, department stores, and the like is Huntsville which is about 55 km from the turnoff to Arowhon. It is approximately 60 minutes away.

Can I drive to Huntsville if I want? Are there town runs/beer runs?

Of course you can...though we recommend against it. It will take you away from camp for hours!! A Huntsville trip with a stop for buying stuff is going to be a minimum of two and a half hours...that's about how long workshops and activities run! If you have forgotten anything or need anything, talk to Feral! staff. If you absolutely feel the need to run into town, let Feral! security staff know (at con ops). This way we won't freak out when you disappear...which could result in a search party being sent into the woods No glass bottles are allowed on site!

No glass bottles?!? But I like my beer in bottles! And what about wine?

The camp doesn’t want bottles getting broken out in the woods, in cabins, or anywhere that someone playing next summer could find with their hand or foot. Please respect their wishes and bring your beer or coolers in cans. Wine and spirits...since they are not generally carried around...are permitted with specific requests: keep bottles in your cabin (transfer the booze to a plastic container), try to keep them in a safe place (like a soft sack), and if you accidentally break a bottle INFORM STAFF! We’ll take it from there! In 2012, there were some slipups with bottles (Feral! staff included...don't worry...there was a paddlin'). In 2013, and all future years, PLEASE don't bring glass bottles to camp. Let's break the habit!

Drinking at Feral! Is there anything I should know?

As a 19+ event drinking is allowed. Aside from the no glass bottles rule, we ask that everyone drink responsibly on site. Camp Arowhon rules state that you cannot have a drink before 5 pm, and we ask that everyone adhere to that. They also state that if you have a drink, you cannot go near the water after that drink...another rule you must stick to. Just as important...being drunk is not an excuse for bad behaviour or any activity that interferes with the well-being of other campers. If at any point Camp Feral! staff are put in the position that they must keep an eye on you because you have had too much to drink, then we have one too many people doing so, and we'll ask you to go to your cabin to cool off. If you are intoxicated and harassing any camper, you are subject to our rules regarding harassment, which 'can' lead to being sent home (by taxi at your expense if need be). These rules are in place to ensure that the (hypothetical) one camper who can't handle their alcohol doesn't ruin the camp for everyone else. We encourage responsible partying at Feral!

What happens if I get sick, or hurt myself at Feral?

VERY good question. In a group of a hundred furs, it’s very likely one or two might get a little sick or injured. First off...talk to Feral! staff IMMEDIATELY. We need to know the extent of the situation as soon as you get hurt, or feel sick. If it’s something first aid can fix (scrapes, cuts, twisted ankle...) we have staff who can help you. Camp Arowhon provides an onsite nurse. They will be able to diagnose and triage injuries. They'll help you make a decision if a hospital trip is called for. If hospital attention is needed, the nurse will accompany you to the hospital. Please bear in mind that if the nurse is offsite, that means the medical professional is no longer able to tend to the rest of the campers. Please be considerate and DO NOT ask for a hospital trip unless absolutely necessary and listen to any recommendations from the nurse! If you are concerned for your health, please let Feral! Staff know immediately. It can be easy for mixed messages to hide the fact that you are very sick!!!

How can I avoid getting sick at Feral??

It can be easy to get dehydrated at Feral...there’s a lot of activity, often out in the sun. There are a couple of things you can do to safeguard yourself against getting or feeling sick at Feral. The most important are drink lots of water and eat at every meal. Also, remember to wash your hands after doin’ stuff in the dirt, and take a shower after jumping in the lake!

Is the water safe to drink?

The water from your designated cabin, at Main Lodge, and any major building (Rustic Lounge, Tee Pee Heights, etc) is safe to drink. If you don't know if someone is staying a cabin, even if you see stuff a cabin but aren't 100% sure campers are sleeping there, do NOT drink the water. Arowhon staff prepare camp by running water in occupied cabins and make sure the lines are flushed. They don't do this in uninhabited cabins as they are preparing them to shut down camp (often we are the last campers on site). This means water from uninhabited cabins 'may' not be safe. So please don't drink it!

Are there acorns at Feral?

No...t yet. #whateverdotheymean

What should I bring?!?

Head to over to read our What to Bring section!

Can I bring my fursuit?

Yes. Fursuits are welcome and there will be a headless lounge for the dance. Keep them safe, they are your responsibility.

I am an artist. How can I sell my work at Feral!?

We hold a Trading Post on the second day on site (first full day of Feral!) for any artist to set up shop. No preregistration is required. We will find space for anyone in need. Feral! is also not responsible for any items you bring to the camp. If you would like to appear in our list of artists, artisans, musicians and other dealer's attending Feral here on our site, contact us!

Why aren't there two Trading Posts?

In 2006, we tried running a second Trading Post, and very few people attended. We tried this in 2011 as well, but campers had either spent all their money at the first Trading Post or were busy. Both of these experiments led to some very sad artists.
However, there's good news!! Artists can sell commissions and their wares in the Main Lodge when it is a hangout between meals, or really at any time on site. Scheduling a second dedicated Trading Post would take time away from all our other events and activities, so we can only maintain one Trading Post each Feral!
Feral isn't really a 'dealers' con. Dealers tend to do well at the Trading Post, but we aren't designed to have stand alone, unconflicted Dealer's Room time...there's just not enough time in the day! If dealers and artists are concerned about not making enough money, please contact Potoroo and discuss possible ways to increase your exposure so campers know you're there!

I heard a story about a bear coming into camp...

...the bear was a moose. Moose (...meese if you're a geeky Canadian...) are, like other wildlife, best left on their own. It is rare (twice in ten years) that a moose wanders into camp but where there's a moose there might be a moose calf, and parents are very protective of their young. Do not approach any wildlife!

What about other furries? Hah hah!

Furries should be treated like wildlife until you are certain they have had their morning coffee.

Do you have a question for us? Please send it to info@campferal.org!