Getting To Camp – Bus Pickup and Drop off

On the first day of camp, we offer the Camp Feral! bus to shuttle our campers and their luggage directly from Toronto to the door of Camp Feral! Checkin Hall in Algonquin Park.

You're bus ride is round trip. You're guaranteed a seat for the return trip after you're week of being out in nature! We want everyone to get back to their lives relaxed and stress free after all!

All you have to worry about is making your way to our bus pickup location! We'll take care of the rest!

At the moment we are finalizing this years bus pickup and drop off location. Our aim is to make sure the pick up location and the drop off location are the same, and we're in the process of making new arrangements so we offer you guys the best escape from and return to real life!

Once we have all the details sorted out, this page will have all the details necessary for you to get to the Camp Feral! Bus and ready to start your adventure in the Canadian Wilderness!