Getting To Camp – Bus Pickup and Drop off

On the first day of camp, we offer the Camp Feral! bus to shuttle our campers and their luggage directly from Toronto to the door of Camp Feral! Checkin Hall in Algonquin Park.

You're bus ride is round trip. You're guaranteed a seat for the return trip after you're week of being out in nature! We want everyone to get back to their lives relaxed and stress free after all!

All you have to worry about is making your way to our bus pickup location! We'll take care of the rest!

The Pick-Up / Drop-Off Location

Herbert H.Carnegie Centennial Centre


580 Finch Ave W
North York, ON
M2R 1N7

Northern Parking Lot,
behind the Ice Rink

Our pick-up / drop-off location this year is at the Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre, which is a community Ice and Dry-Pad hockey rink in North York/Toronto. (Of course it's an Ice Rink! What could be more Canadian than a bus full of furs picked up from an Ice Rink to go to a summer camp in the northern wilderness??)

Come around to the northern parking lot, we'll be collecting there

Getting a Ride on the Bus

Taking the Bus? Want to make sure you've added it to your registration? 

Current registrants can use this button to jump to our Camp Feral store and add a bus ride for this year!

Having trouble? Contact us at

Your seat on the bus is reserved when you see this confirmation message on the last page of registration: 

Questions About This Years Pick-up/Drop-off location

What time should I be at the Centennial Centre?

Please try to be at the Centennial Centre by 11:30AM, Thursday, August 22nd.

Treat your ride like a plane flight.

We want to take a tally of our bus-riding campers, check names off of lists, and start calling those who haven't checked in as quickly as possible.

Being at our pickup spot by 11:30AM goes a long way towards making sure that everyone is accounted for and making it to camp!

What time will the bus return to Toronto?

We will be getting back to Toronto between 3PM and 5PM eastern time on Monday, August 26th.

There is often traffic on the return trip from Algonquin park, and that obviously affects the time we pull back into the Centennial Centre.

Will I be able to park at the Centennial Centre?

No, at least not after the bus leaves.

There is no long-term parking available at the Herbert Carnegie Centennial Centre.

If you require long-term parking within Toronto during Camp Feral, your best option will be to find a 'Park and Fly' near the Pearson International Airport and then either use public transit or Taxi/Uber service to the Pick-up/Drop-off location.

Will there be restrooms at the Centennial Centre? 

At the moment, we're not sure if the Centre (which is undergoing internal renovation) will have washrooms available. However, there are several options in the area if nature calls.

The Centennial Public Library will be open, and may allow individuals in (please be respectful of the space though. We all remember how embarrassing it was to be shushed by the librarian as kids!)

There is also a Shell gas station about a ten minute walk (a 20-minute full-there-and-back walk) from the Centennial Centre. Please be aware that our bus leaves at 1PM sharp though. We would hate to leave for camp while you were still in the washroom!

Any food? Shops? What fun can be had while we wait?

The fun awaits you at camp of course! 

All sassyness aside however, shops and food are about a 20-minute full-there-and-back walk east from the pick-up/drop-off location, and the bus does leave at 1PM. We wont be able to stop it from leaving at that time. 


If you urgently need food or need to use the rest room, please be very aware of the time. The bus will be leaving at 1PM. We don't want to leave any one behind. 

Why are we at the Centennial Centre? What happened to the old place? 

Our old pick-up/drop-off location was also a hockey rink, but unlike the Centennial Centre, their season starts the very day we return from camp and we could not get a permit for the space with our 2017 dates. 

Several other options were investigated, but private businesses, mall parking lots, and main commuter locations like subway stations were all disinclined to allow us to use their space. 

Fortunately the Centennial Centre is managed by the City of Toronto, and was more than happy to allow us to gather in their lot before camp.

Arriving from the Pearson International Airport

Using Public Transit

Arriving from Yorkdale Mall

Using Public Transit

Arriving from Union Station

Using Public Transit