Getting To Camp – Bus Pickup and Drop off

On the first day of camp, we offer the Camp Feral! bus to shuttle our campers and their luggage directly from Toronto to the door of Camp Feral! Checkin Hall in Algonquin Park.

You're bus ride is round trip. You're guaranteed a seat for the return trip after you're week of being out in nature! We want everyone to get back to their lives relaxed and stress free after all!

All you have to worry about is making your way to our bus pickup location! We'll take care of the rest!

The Pick-Up / Drop-Off Location

Fairview Mall

The bus pick-up and drop-off location is in the north east corner of the Fairview Mall parking lot off of Fairview Mall Drive. It is about a 10 minute walk from the Don Mills subway station at the south west corner of the mall.

CF Fairview Mall
1800 Sheppard Ave. East
Toronto, ON
M2J 5A7

Getting a Ride on the Bus

Purchasing a spot on the bus will be included in the registration process. Having trouble, or have further questions? Contact us at

Spots on the bus are limited, so if you think there is even a small chance you will need the bus, please purchase a spot upon initially registering. You can always contact registration to cancel (and get a refund, if you do so before the refund cut-off date)

Questions About This Years Pick-up/Drop-off location

What time should I be at the bus pickup?

Please try to be at the bus pickup by 11:30AM, Aug 25.

Treat your ride like a plane flight.

We want to take a tally of our bus-riding campers, check names off of lists, and start calling those who haven't checked in as quickly as possible.

Being at our pickup spot by 11:30AM goes a long way towards making sure that everyone is accounted for and making it to camp!

What time will the bus return to Toronto?

We will be getting back to Toronto between 3PM and 5PM eastern time on Aug 29.

There is often traffic on the return trip from Algonquin park, and that obviously affects the time we pull back into the bus pickup.

Will I be able to park at the bus pickup?

No, at least not after the bus leaves. There is no long term parking.

If you require long-term parking within Toronto during Camp Feral, your best option will be to find a 'Park and Fly' near the Pearson International Airport and then either use public transit or Taxi/Uber service to the Pick-up/Drop-off location.

Will there be restrooms at the bus pickup?

Yes, there will be public washrooms inside of Fairview Mall.

Any food? Shops? What fun can be had while we wait?

The fun awaits you at camp of course!

All sassyness aside however, Fairview Mall will have places to grab a bite to eat, a Shoppers Drugmart, and an LCBO for any of those last minute purrrchases.


If you urgently need food or need to use the rest room, please be very aware of the time. The bus will be leaving at 1PM. We don't want to leave any one behind.