Getting To Camp – Bus Pickup and Drop off

On the first day of camp, we offer the Camp Feral! bus to shuttle our campers and their luggage directly from Toronto to the door of Camp Feral! Checkin Hall in Algonquin Park.

You're bus ride is round trip. You're guaranteed a seat for the return trip after you're week of being out in nature! We want everyone to get back to their lives relaxed and stress free after all!

All you have to worry about is making your way to our bus pickup location! We'll take care of the rest!

The Pick-Up / Drop-Off Location

Herbert H.Carnegie Centennial Centre


580 Finch Ave W
North York, ON
M2R 1N7

Northern Parking Lot,
behind the Ice Rink

Our pick-up / drop-off location this year is at the Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre, which is a community Ice and Dry-Pad hockey rink in North York/Toronto. (Of course it's an Ice Rink! What could be more Canadian than a bus full of furs picked up from an Ice Rink to go to a summer camp in the northern wilderness??)

Come around to the northern parking lot, we'll be collecting there

Arriving from the Pearson International Airport

Using Public Transit

Leave Pearson International Airport on TTC by:

  • taking Bus 34 from Terminal 1 to the Finch Subway Terminal

then transfer: 

  • to Bus 36 from Finch to Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre