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Feral! 2022 Epilogue

Upper Management has approved our request to send one last newsletter about Feral! 2022! 



 The Feral! 2022 Group Photo. Also, in 2022, it doubled as a technique to gather the majority of campers to the front of the Main Lodge halfway through the birthday party so that we can reveal the theme twist to the most people at once.

Seeing this picture makes me homesick for summer camp. BYy the way isn’t a sentence that has ever been spoken before in the history of the human race. That must say a lot about the campers who attend, eh? Well, here’s a pic of everyone for us to put on the backgrounds of our phones and desktops and get us pumped for 2023!

To download hi-res copies of both versions of the Camper Group Photo and the Fursuit Group Photos (the latter of which are displayed below), click the photo above or this link to the Google Photos page where they reside.


Did you take some awesome pics at Feral?
  • Perhaps of the starry sky at night, or the misty lake in the morning.
  • Did you get a great picture of your cabin mates in front of your cabin?
  • Or perhaps you snapped a pic of Adler’s unrivaled and, let’s face it, unnerving win streak as the King of the Jousting Arena, undefeated, unmoved,  for 72 straight matches… each knockout accompanied by his shrill whistle and the words, “I CAN TASTE YOUR TORMENT… and it fills me with ke “llrivun. We want to see them, and to share them with the rest of the campers! We are working on a page on our website, and currently have a Telegram channel devoted only to sharing photos campers have submitted for us to share!
How to Submit Photos

To submit photos, simply DM @Eevachu on Telegram!

By submitting your photos you consent to photos potentially being used for marketing/promotion materials

View the archive on telegram or https://t.me/campferalphotos


Lost something?
We might’ve Found it!
Lost something at camp? Take a look in our new virtual lost and found bin to see if you can reunite with your beloved material good(s)!


Several raffle prizes were unclaimed last year… some may have forgotten to swing by con ops before jumping on the bus, others may not know that they won at all!  

We will be reaching out to everyone who did not claim their prize to discuss options, so keep an eye on your email and telegram please!


If you are a resident of Ontario and you went to Feral.. you may be eligible to get some money back for staying in the province!

For more information on eligibility and the credit itself, Please visit the office page Ontario has made,

A receipt will be provided by request. If you seek one, contact info@campferal.org and be sure to put “Ontario Stay-cation Tax Credit” in the Subject line.

Feral! 2022 Covid Policy

COVID is a delicate and complicated topic and we’ve been working on this policy for quite some time now. We’ve had a lot of help from Arowhon, who has in turn incorporated policies set by the Ontario Camps Association. We’ve also received a lot of input from our campers, all of which has been considered during the formation of our policy. With all of this information taken into consideration we are now ready to share our 2022 Camp Feral COVID policy. You can find it here…


When reviewing this policy please remember that Camp Feral faces challenges that are very unique to the fandom at large. We are not in the middle of a major metropolitan area, we provide transportation to and from camp, nearly every space at camp is a communal space to some extent, etc. We’ve done our very best to find the balance between ensuring that you have the best time possible and doing what we can with the resources that we have to create the safest environment possible.

Please take a moment to review the policy as you will be expected to adhere to it as this will be considered an extension to our Code of Conduct for 2022. Given the fluidity of the COVID situation this policy may change, but based on current trends we believe that this policy will stay largely intact between now and camp.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@campferal.org.

May 2022 News and Updates

Goooooood morning Feral Campers! 

Registration is behind us, camp has sold out, and we can start looking forward to bright sunny days up at camp! As we get closer to heading up to Algonquin you can expect to see a few newsletters with pertinent updates, this being one of them! Please take a moment to read the sections below as this is some pretty good-to-know stuff. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at info@campferal.org

Deposit Cutoff Date

Our registration deposit cut off date is June 12th. If you opted to register using a deposit please note that your method of payment will be automatically billed the remaining balance of your registration on June 12th. Also note that this is when our refund policy changes. Any registration cancellations that occur on or after this date will be fully refunded less $80 CAD.

COVID-19 Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic is still shaking things up globally and while we feel confident in our ability to bring you a safe camp experience, we recognize that we face a lot of challenges given that we’re fairly isolated out in Algonquin, there’s a lot of shared spaces, and we provide the option of transportation to and from camp via the Feral Bus. This has raised a lot of interesting questions as to how certain situations may be handled, such as if a positive COVID case is confirmed while on site.

As agreed to during registration you already know that we require you to be fully vaccinated before attending camp, but we know that there will be more policies needed depending on the state of the pandemic when we get to camp. We have regular communication with Arowhon and are assessing the situation as it develops in order to determine what policies will be most appropriate. You will get updates regarding any new policy via future newsletters. We will also update our COVID-19 policy page on campferal.org.

Please remember that we want to do everything we can to let everyone have as much fun as possible, but safety must always be our first priority.

We would also like to take a moment to remind you that your vaccination status needs to be verified when you arrive at camp or the bus. Please ensure that you have a printed, non-digital, copy of your vaccination records handy as there is limited cell service in Algonquin Provincial Park. You may not be able to download digital copies and if you are unable to provide your vaccination records you will not be permitted on site.

Limited Spots on the Bus

There’s been heavy demand when it comes to bus transportation this year and are getting very close to full capacity. If you were planning on signing up for the bus at a later date please let us know now and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you would like to add bus service to your registration, please reach out to us at registration@campferal.org.


Several of you have reached out asking how you can give back to Camp Feral with your time while at camp this year. If you have an interest in volunteering at camp please reach out to us at info@campeferal.org. There is no minimum required amount of time when it comes to volunteering at camp and any amount of time you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Cabin Selection

We’re collecting your cabin preferences this year using this form! You can use this form to let us know what your needs are and who you would like to have in your cabin. Please note that if you are unsure as to who you would like to have in your cabin it would be great if you could still fill out the form so we know what your preferences are.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review all this info and remember that you can always reach out to us at info@campferal.org if you have any questions!

Advanced Registration is Now Open

It's time to #GetSoft

Advanced registration is now open until April 6th.
if you have advanced registration carried over from 2020! Emails with instructions on how to claim your spot have been sent to all those on our special invite list. If you didn’t receive an email & think you should’ve, send us an email .
Advanced registration runs March 23-April 6.
Public registration will open on April 11.
Please check the FAQ pages before asking questions, as the answer you seek may already be available there.
Please direct all questions about registration to our reg team  as we will be busy and won’t be monitoring social media as much during this process. Thank you all and hope to see you at Pawnee’s big birthday bash! 🎂