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Feral! 2022 Covid Policy

COVID is a delicate and complicated topic and we’ve been working on this policy for quite some time now. We’ve had a lot of help from Arowhon, who has in turn incorporated policies set by the Ontario Camps Association. We’ve also received a lot of input from our campers, all of which has been considered during the formation of our policy. With all of this information taken into consideration we are now ready to share our 2022 Camp Feral COVID policy. You can find it here…


When reviewing this policy please remember that Camp Feral faces challenges that are very unique to the fandom at large. We are not in the middle of a major metropolitan area, we provide transportation to and from camp, nearly every space at camp is a communal space to some extent, etc. We’ve done our very best to find the balance between ensuring that you have the best time possible and doing what we can with the resources that we have to create the safest environment possible.

Please take a moment to review the policy as you will be expected to adhere to it as this will be considered an extension to our Code of Conduct for 2022. Given the fluidity of the COVID situation this policy may change, but based on current trends we believe that this policy will stay largely intact between now and camp.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@campferal.org.