Final Payments Incoming June 11, Plan a Workshop and Maybe Skip the Waitlist, Our New Camper Discord and More!

🍅 Howdy campers!

It’s Ketchup Coyote here, taking over from uh… “Lucky,” because he had an unfortunate pneumatic tube incident and is on temporary leave. Anyways, here’s all the important stuff for you camping fluffs!

Deposit Cut Off Date Incoming!


June 11, 2023


If you paid for your registration with a deposit, you must have the remaining balance for your registration paid for in full by the deposit cut off date, end of day. Our registration system will automatically bill you the remaining balance of your registration on the deposit cut off date if you have not already paid or cancelled.

What You Need To Do:

If you already paid in full and are still coming to camp:
Nothing! You’re all good to be in the woods. :3

If you have yet to pay in full and are still coming to camp:
Make sure the payment method you used to pay for your deposit has sufficient funds on it to pay your remaining balance. You can either pay in full ahead of time or wait until you’re automatically billed.

If you are no longer coming to camp:
If you know now that you are unable to come to camp and have paid a deposit, please cancel before the deposit cut off date in order to get a full refund.

After the deposit cut off date, the amount you can get back as a refund depends on how close to camp you cancel. You can find all the details in our refund policy.

If you have any questions, send us an email.

Workshop Deadlines and Opportunity to Escape the Waitlist


July 1, 2023 (if registered) or June 10, 2023 (if waitlisted or not registered)


The deadline to apply for a workshop or event is coming up soon! This is includes “longstanding” panels and new ones as well.

We wanted to let people know that we have a few spots reserved just for those on the waitlist who pitch us a workshop or event idea that we want to see at camp!

What You Need To Do:

If you have no interest in running a workshop or event or have already applied for all workshops and events you wish to run:
Nothing! Just sit back and relax. 👍

If you have a “longstanding” workshop or event and have not sent in an application/applications:
Fill out this form before July 1! 

If you don’t fill out this form, even if your event is recurring and pre-approved, we will assume you no longer wish to run your panel and will not add it to the schedule. We are no longer accepting confirmations by email, over social media or via direct messages, only through this form, as it ensures we have all information for our programming and conbook staff.

If you’re registered and paid and wish to run a workshop/event:
Fill out this form before July 1! 

If you’re on the waitlist and wish to run a workshop/event in order to apply to get off the waitlist:
Fill out this form as soon as possible, ideally before June 10!

If you’re not registered and wish to run a workshop/event in order to apply to skip the waitlist:
1. Register for the waitlist here!
2. Fill out this form as soon as possible, ideally before June 10!

New Discord Server for Feral Campers




We have a snazzy new discord server! Future! Business! SYNERGY!! YEAH!!!

We’ve got channels and channels of dedicated camp chat where you can introduce yourself to the community (whether you’re new or returning), meet our middle and lower management aka staff, meet your fellow campers, organise a ride to camp or to the bus pick-up/drop-off point in Toronto, find cabin mates, get previews for this year’s art and merch if you’re a sponsor/patron and more!

What You Need To Do:

Come join us if you like! Here’s a link! If it expires, come by telegram camper chat here and ask for a link or email us and we’ll send you out a fresh invite through the pneumatic tubes!

Fairview Mall Bus Pick-Up and Drop-Off Location


August 24, 2023


We are happy to confirm that our bus pick-up and drop-off location will remain the same as last year. The bus pick-up and drop-off location is in the north-east corner of the Fairview Mall parking lot off of Fairview Mall Drive. It is about a 10 minute walk from Don Mills Subway Station at the south-west corner of the mall. It is easily accessible by car, TTC or other public transit systems. In case of rain, we have permission to shelter under the parking structure adjacent to our pick-up site.

Spots on the bus are limited, so if you think there is even a small chance you will need the bus, please purchase a spot upon initially registering. You can always contact registration to cancel (and get a refund, if you do so before the refund cut-off date, July 9).

What You Need To Do:

Don’t get lost on the way to the bus and check out our newly updated Bus Pick-Up and Drop-Off page here for all the info, if you’re taking the bus!

Correction: Guest of Honour Terminology


Before the last newsletter (oops!)


There has been some confusion due to a spirited interpretation of faxes from our senior newsletter team. We would like to state that in being promoted to Chief Libations Officer, Blazen will in fact still be the Honoured Guest of this upcoming Camp Feral! event. There was a possible oversight in the budget, wherein an “enthusiastic” staff member billed Camp Feral! for several extra large ball pits. This has since been corrected, and said staff member has been thoroughly reminded of our no ball pit policy. We are a bouncy castle only company.

What You Need To Do:

Prepare yourselves for the delightful company and delicious libations that Blazen will provide at our sponsor’s event. If you would like to ensure you are able to sample our Guest of Honour’s “dragon brew,” and have not registered as a sponsor or patron, please reach out to us and we can facilitate upgrading your registration level to one that allows you entry into our wonderful Sponsor’s Event!

…Is that it? I think that’s it. Hopefully Upper Management likes my Cool New Ketchup Canine Style. 😎 Hopefully you all like it too! Anyways, boss and tomato sauce, that’s all from me, Ketchup Coyoteee! Catch you in the pneumatic tubes~

P.S. Lucky, if you’re reading this, hope you feel better soon, buddy! 🍀