Reminder: The deposit cut off date is June 11, 2023

Hey campers!

If you have registered for Feral! 2024 and have not paid the full amount yet this is your warning that our deposit cut off date is coming up on June 10.

What is the Deposit cut off date?

If you paid for your registration with a deposit you must have the remaining balance for your registration paid for in full by the deposit cut off date, end of day. Our registration system will automatically bill you the remaining balance of your registration on the deposit cut off date if you have not already paid or cancelled.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

Yes, if you cancel before the deposit cut off date you’ll get a full refund.

After the deposit cut off date the amount you can get back as a refund depends on how close to camp you cancel. You can find all the details in our refund policy.

If you have any questions, send us an email