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Registration Tip: Speed up your check-in!

Feral 2023 is experimenting with the high technology of QR Codes to speed up Registration Check-in time. If you are a registered and confirmed attendee, you will have in your mailbox an email titled: “Feral 2023 – Registration Confirmation”.

Make sure you have it available, either printed or on your phone before you arrive at camp. If you don’t have it, it might take a little more time to find you.

Step 1:

Search for your email “Feral 2023 – Registration Confirmation”.

Step 2:

Make sure your email client is displaying images, your QR code will be downloaded right below.

An example screenshot of a registration email with two areas highlighted: The first is the subject line which reads "Feral 2023 - Registration Confirmation", the second is a link in a message bar above the email content that says "Display images below"

Step 3:

Get to your QR code and take a screenshot in your phone, or print it.

Because Feral is deep in the woods, if your phone doesn’t pick up internet, the QR code will not be displayed next time you open it.

Screenshot from an example registration email that show the part you would need to save; it contains: A confirmation number, a QR code, and the name of the registrant.

We will also make an effort to give  your special QR Code on the bus or on-site as you queue for registration.
As always, if you are having trouble finding your QR Code, worry not, shoot an email to registration@campferal.org and we will be happy to help!