Getting To Camp


  • If you are flying or busing into Toronto and planning to take the Feral! bus, plan your flights/transit itinerary to arrive at the Feral! bus by the first day of camp by 11:30AM on Aug 24
    You might consider flying in a day earlier even if you have prearranged accommodations with furs in the Toronto area. Don't put your self through the stress and panic of running straight from the airport to the Camp Feral! Bus Pick-up Location!
  • When flying out, your flight must be AFTER 7 PM on 28
  • The campsite is not open until after 5:00 pm on the first day of camp so if you are driving, please try to time your arrival for this time. We will have staff in the parking lot from around noon on to keep you entertained!


Feral! is unique in many ways.  For one, the site is several kilometres from the nearest highway, which itself is many kilometres from a major route (the 400 Highway).  In other's remote!  Another is that we have a bus to get you to camp if you don’t want to drive yourself!!

We recommend the following:

  • If you don’t have to drive, take the Feral! Bus. It is an unforgettable experience; travelling with a group of furs to and from Feral on a school bus (in the past driven by both Potoroo’s elementary school bus driver, and once by his high school prom date's Mom!!).  You leave the work to us for a low fee, and can relax at Feral a little more!
  • If that isn’t an option, we highly suggest you try to travel with a group of furs! Make it a road trip, help save the environment, and save some gas money! If you don’t have anyone in your region to pick up, perhaps there’s someone en route!  Use Twitter, Facebook, or even Feral Staff (contact any one of us for help) to locate a ride share mate!

Yup, probably one of the few furry cons where furs can take a bus, carpool, or caravan to their destination! to sign up for and catch the bus, and how to drive to camp!!


Feral's bus will depart from the bus pickup location (TBA).  Make sure you have read through the Camp Feral! Bus Pickup And Dropoff page, and keep an eye out for any website or email updates or changes if you're taking the bus!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email

To ensure you get a ride on the bus, please read the following carefully:

  • You MUST register for the Feral bus online so we know that you are taking it, as we will NOT be selling tickets to the bus at the bus pickup site, and you will have to arrange other transportation to camp.
  • Spots on the bus are limited, so if you think there is even a small chance you will need the bus, please purchase a spot upon initially registering. You can always contact registration to cancel (and get a refund, if you do so before the refund cut-off date)
  1. This year, like last year, the bus leaves at 1 PM SHARP!

  2. Campers arriving into Toronto by air should arrive before 10 am so that they can make it to the bus. If you can find accommodations and arrive a day early, all the better!

  3. Campers arriving by train or bus should arrive in Toronto earlier than 10 am as well since you will have to take transit to the bus location.  Please contact Camp Feral! staff with any questions.
  4. Ensure we have a correct cell phone number so that we can reach you if you have not arrived at the bus location.  We have a strict rule regarding the time of the bus departure…otherwise, food is cold when we get to Arowhon!! 

  5. If you are cancelling, CONTACT USWe will assume you are attending until you tell us you are not, which can lead to confusion with the bus.
  6. Regarding that…2 weeks before camp we will provide you with the cellphone numbers of Camp Feral! staffers who are coordinating the Feral Bus to Algonquin.

    Please PLEASE put them on your phones, or write them down, and protect them.  They are your lifeline if you run into trouble. (Ask Potoroo to tell you sad sad late arrival stories!)

In other words, arriving in Toronto and making the bus is serious business, one of the very very few things about Camp Feral! where the responsibility rests on you, the camper.

So take it as seriously as you would when packing sunblock (serious), warm clothes (serious) and your desire to have fun (very serious…hey!)


If you would like to drive to Toronto, park, and take the Feral Bus you may wish to find another fur in town to help with parking. Parking in Toronto is very expensive, and it might be better to try and find a fur with a house at which you can park!


Camp Arowhon has great directions on their site...which are copied below, or you can check them directly by clicking here.

We also have a Google Map route down below, which will take you directly from North Toronto to Camp Arowhon!

Or, if you're feeling brave, these are the GPS co-ordinates for Camp:


How To Get to Camp from Toronto or the West

Take Highway 400 North to Barrie.

From Barrie follow Highway 11 North towards Huntsville. Just past Huntsville, take Highway 60 East for 33 km to the Algonquin Park entrance.

Continue on Highway 60 after the Algonquin Park Permits & Information Centre for 16 km (approx. 10 mi.) until you reach Arowhon Road (just after the Canoe Lake cutoff).

Turn left on the Arowhon Road. Follow the instructions below on how to get to camp on the Arowhon Road.

How to Get to Camp from Montreal, Ottawa or the East

How to Get to Camp from Montreal, Ottawa or the East

Take Highway 17 from Ottawa to Renfrew.

At Renfrew, take Highway 60 West to Algonquin Park. Pass the East Gate and continue for 41 km to the Arowhon Road.

Turn right on the Arowhon Road, and follow the instructions below on how to get to camp on the Arowhon Road.

How to Get to Camp on the Arowhon Road

Follow the Arowhon Road for 5 km (approx. 3 mi.) to the crossroads. Turn LEFT at the crossroads where you will see a sign straight ahead that says “Arowhon Pines, you are entering a Wilderness Area. Only 3 km to go.”

(Arowhon Pines is a hotel and a different location than Camp Arowhon).

Pass the sign that says “road restricted to authorized travel” and continue over a long causeway and two bridges for 2.2 km (approx. 1.3 mi.) till you come to a ‘T’ intersection with a sand pit on your right.

Turn right (if you come to a chain across the road, back up – you missed the right turn). Continue for 2 km (approx. 1.2 mi.) till you reach camp.

Park in our parking lot and walk in to camp.

Click the link below for a detailed map of these instructions, including each turn and milestone passed on the way.

Please note: the trip to Arowhon is scenic and beautiful, and the drive from Hwy 60 to camp is very pretty and oft times one can even see a fox …but…it’s also pretty rough.

If you have a pretty car you’d rather not get bounced around or potentially rock-flung…we highly suggest the Feral Bus ;)

We know this was a heavy read, but we hope you took the time to seek the info you need. The worst way to come to Feral is unprepared, and the only way to get to Feral is to...get to Feral!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact us at

And don't hesitate to follow us on Twitter (@campferal) for updates and notifications!