Meet Timi

Meet Timi.

Timi is very normal.

Timi likes people, and likes to help. They always say their pardon mes and pleases and thank yous, and when required, the occasional after yous and you’re welcomes.

They like when everything makes sense, and also when nothing makes sense… at least, when it makes sense that nothing makes sense. When something is nonsense, it makes sense to Timi not to get involved.

Timi always thinks before speaking. Sometimes Timi thinks that they thought of an idea, but can’t think of how to tell anyone. “If only there was a word for this…” they think.

Timi likes ideas, but has to rely on others to have them.

They love when ideas are so good that they can hold other ideas together. They regularly hear ideas and think “I wish I came up with that” or “how did anyone come up with that?” Sometimes when an idea is particularly good, they think “I’ll never come up with an idea as good as that!”

Timi is uncreative. Creativity has always been just out of reach, taunting them.

So one day, when a Spectral Tariff-Kiosk appears out of nowhere, Timi thinks to themselves “This doesn’t make sense.” And they say nothing.

… and when it offers to take them to a place called Idealand… they think “This is nonsense!” but say “Pardon me?”

And when it tells Timi that Idealand is full of people who will trade ideas for help, Timi thinks “I like people, I like to help, I like ideas…”

And, quite abnormally, Timi says to the Spectral Tariff-Kiosk “Please?”

Let’s follow Timi as they visit Idealand and meet many people, trading help for their ideas, hoping to find a good idea, a distinct idea, a great idea that makes sense and holds everything together. If only there was a word for that…

Feral! 2019