2023 Covid-19 Policy

The following outlines the COVID policy for Camp Feral for 2023. This is considered an extension of the Camp Feral code of conduct.

Subject to change

This policy is subject to change. In the event of a change campers will be notified via our usual communications channels such as our newsletter, our Telegram announcements channel, and social media.

Camp at your own risk

While Feral strives to create the safest environment possible and trends from previous years indicate that late summer is usually a very low transmission period for COVID we cannot guarantee that Camp Feral will be COVID free. Attending camp comes with the risk of potentially contracting COVID and we would ask that once you return home you self monitor, test, and notify us if you have contracted COVID in the weeks after camp via info@campferal.org

Feral 2022 COVID Policy

It will be required that all Feral attendees be fully vaccinated as defined by the province of Ontario on or before the first day of camp. You can find more info about how Ontario defines this by going to this site. Campers will be required to show proof of vaccination.

For those of you that are taking the bus to camp, your vaccination records must be reviewed prior to boarding the bus. Those that fail to meet vaccination requirements or fail to provide documentation will not be allowed to board the bus.

For those that are taking their own transportation to camp, vaccination records will be reviewed as part of registration. Those that fail to meet vaccination requirements or fail to provide documentation will not be allowed to attend camp.

We highly recommend that you test to ensure you are COVID free before beginning your travels in order to ensure the safety of those that are in attendance at camp. If you are unable to attend camp due to COVID please contact us at registration@campferal.org and we will do our best to provide you a refund despite our established refund policy.

When arriving at camp or at the bus pick up site, we will ask you to do a temperature check while we review your COVID vaccine documentation. A no-touch (laser) forehead thermometer will be used for this purpose. In the event that you have above normal temperature we will provide you with a rapid antigen test that you will need to self administer. In the event that you test positive for COVID you will not be allowed to attend Camp Feral. In the event that you are unable to attend, Camp Feral cannot be responsible for providing you with alternative travel or lodging accommodations, but we will do our best to provide you a refund despite our established refund policy.

Masks will be required in any indoor space that is not a residential cabin.

Masks will be required on the Feral Bus.

In previous years campers have typically lined up inside at meal times to get food. The line up will now be outside, starting at the front entrance of the main lodge. There will be a Camp Feral staff at the door to manage the flow of the serving table.

Please do not overload on food on your first trip to the serving table. We promise that there is enough for everyone and we are taking extra measures this year to help reduce food waste. Please do your part!

If you choose to have your meal on the front porch of the main lodge please ensure that you return your used dishes to the dish area inside the main lodge. Failure to return your dishes can result in attracting unwanted wildlife.

Anyone exhibiting COVID like symptoms will be required to take a COVID test, which will be administered by the onsite nurse.

If you test positive for COVID, please see the sections immediately below. If you test negative for COVID, we would ask that you please mask at all times so to keep your non COVID con crud to yourself :)

In the event that you are confirmed to have COVID it would be preferred that you leave camp and begin self-isolation as recommended by provincial guidelines. In the event that you decide to leave camp due to testing positive for COVID we will do our best to provide you a prorated refund despite our established refund policy.

We do understand that there are circumstances where it may not be possible to leave camp given that you may have traveled on the bus or carpooled. If you are unable to leave camp you will be required to relocate to a cabin that will be designated for COVID positive cases. You will not be allowed to participate in indoor events including meal time. Food will be delivered to your cabin.

You will have access to outdoor activities but, given the isolation requirement, you will be limited to activities that do not risk exposure to other campers such as canoeing, kayaking, hiking, etc. Please only engage in activities to the extent of your abilities and understand that COVID can have an impact on your energy and balance. If you do engage in any activity please notify staff so that we can ensure your safety as well as sanitize materials you may have used such as oars, life jackets, etc.

You must be masked and must socially distance yourself at all times.

You may be accompanied by another camper into the cabin that will be designated for COVID positive cases, but anyone joining you will be assumed COVID positive for the rest of camp and will have to adhere to the policy noted in this section. In order to reduce risk we would ask that you only be accompanied by a significant other or designated caretaker.

If you are in a cabin with an individual that has been confirmed positive for COVID, you may continue to participate in all events at Feral. However, you must be masked and must socially distance yourself at all times.

You will not be allowed to enter any other residential cabin. Other campers will not be allowed to enter your cabin.

Those that provide their own transportation to camp will ultimately be responsible for transporting themselves back home regardless of COVID status.

It needs to be understood by those that are carpooling that we cannot guarantee a COVID negative status for everyone in your vehicle. You need to assume responsibility for ensuring that those who arrive in your vehicle also depart in your vehicle, or make other arrangements if you feel that it is not safe to do so.

If you arrived by bus and are confirmed positive for COVID during camp, we cannot allow you to return to Toronto using the Feral bus. Feral will arrange for separate transportation for you to be returned to Toronto. In the event that a positive COVID test inhibits your travels out of Toronto you will need to assume responsibility for arranging for your own accommodations until you are able to travel.

Given the limitations of arranging for separate transportation, (IE: only having so much space in a van), in the event that the number of people who have tested positive for COVID exceeds our secondary transportation capacity, we may require you to return to Toronto before the end of camp as multiple trips may be needed to provide necessary transportation to those that need it.

Please note that this section is a carry over from our pre-registration COVID policy and speaks more to those that have not already registered.

One of the big concerns in 2020 was what might happen with refunds if Feral was canceled. Thankfully we were able to refund everyone’s registration 100%, but you may be wondering what might happen this year.

The nature of our agreements with our vendors has changed substantially in the last 2 years. As such Camp Feral finds itself in a position where penalties can occur should we decide to cancel without government mandate or support from our vendors.

Thanks to the pledges of a handful of people we can guarantee that if Camp Feral is canceled without government mandate and without support of our vendors, registrations will be refunded at their expense. However, we’re asking the community for a little bit of support in exchange for this guarantee as we don’t think it’s completely fair to ask a small number of people to carry this large risk.

On our registration form you will find a place where you can designate what percentage of your registration you would like to have refunded in the event of cancellation. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. If you need 100% back, you’ll get it. But if you can help support feral with a partial or even no refund, you’re helping ensure that there will be Camp Feral in 2023. Keep in mind that you will get at least what percentage you designate. A larger refund will be provided if at all possible.

Frankly, looking at how the pandemic impacted the late fall of 2020 and 2021, we’re quite optimistic and confident that Feral will occur in 2022. This is just an added step we’re taking because we all know that we’re still living in uncertain times.

Please note that the above only applies in the event that camp is canceled. If you cancel your registration you will be subject to the normal refund policy.