Covid Policy

Covid Policy

July 2023 Update

With consideration to the fact that the Ontario government has discontinued support of the vaccine passport since March 2022, and has discontinued access to free rapid testing as of July 2023; Camp Feral has made the decision to discontinue the Covid policy effective July 2023.

This applies to policy related specifically to Covid, such as the requirement for an up to date vaccine passport. Other COVID-related aspects are now covered by our existing internal medical policies, which continue to follow guidelines similar to what was found in our COVID-only policy.

If a camper shows illness symptoms, testing and diagnoses will be administered at the Nurse’s discretion.
In 2023 We will still provide alternative transport back to Toronto for campers who took the bus to camp and fall ill on-site to prevent potential spread to others on the bus.

We encourage all campers to practice safe hygiene and self care, to the best of one’s abilities, both for their health and the health of others. This can look like any of the following:

a) Getting boosters for any illnesses one may be at risk for catching, when able.
b) Choosing to stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of illness
c) Administering a self test before attending a public event
d) Wearing a mask inside public areas
e) Washing hands before eating, or after sneezing/coughing/touching high traffic surfaces
f) Using hand sanitizer before/after touching high traffic surfaces

We will have free masks and hand sanitizer available for anyone who may want/require them.
Please keep in mind that our non-harassment policy prohibits confronting any camper over their choice to wear or not wear a mask.

If you fall ill or are injured for any reason before camp, please reach out to us before the start of camp to cancel. Late cancellations due to emergencies/injury/sickness will not be subject to the penalties outlined in our refund policy.

For any inquiries, contact us at

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