Colouring Book 2017

The Uncon that Could!

1997. The internet was still shiny and new, Netscape was your best bet of stumbling across FurNation, and unwitting members of the "lowest rung on the geek hierarchy" were just happy to finally find our people.

In other words, we clung to the internet as a city's worth of people lost in the woods for years would when they first see a table of food for the first time. Hotel cons were often discuss based on whether or not you could hop on FurryMuck while in attendance.

It takes quite the people to risk investing in the first outdoor con and the first Canadian con outdoors, deep in Algonquin Park... far from the nearest modem! "It could never work!" "Furries won't leave their computers."

To doubters from the 90s to today, we say simply: It's the 20th Camp Feral, MOT#!%$%KERS! And guess what?!?! We're making a COLOURING BOOK!


The theme of the book is Outside the Lines: Camp Feral! Makes It To 20, celebrating all the ways Feral! has coloured outside the lines... because it's more fun that way. Here is how to get involved!

  • If you have attended Feral before, contact us at and let us know what years you attended. We would love it if your art represented a moment, an experience, a memory, an image, or anything else you can capture to share with everyone!
  • If you're stuck for an idea or haven't attended Feral! before, we can help you! There are milestones, important moments, and fun memories we'd love to see included in the book, and we'd be happy to give you all the details you would need to help us! Again, contact us at

 Camp Feral! is proud to announce that this year's conbook will not be a conbook... but instead an interactive, multi-artist celebration of our 20th Camp Feral!  Not only will it be collaborative with a variety of artists involved in its creation, but because we expect everyone to make a mess of all the pages.

Our conbook for 2017... is a colouring book.

Already confirmed to contribute are our guests of honour Kabier, Keto and Vallhund, who will be joined by Kihu, Tairu Panda, Ivybeth, Eevachu, Roxikat, the designer of our very first t-shirt in 1998, MelSkunk, and many, many more! As we get more confirmations, we will add them to the list below!

Attendees will all receive a copy free for attending! 

Our colouring book will be full page this year, so please meet these specifications:

  • Full page is 8" x 11" and please allow a quarter inch (0.25") around the edges for trim.. this doesn't mean don't draw to the edge... try not put anything important there
  • Black & White, 300 dpi is fantastic! Please send as a pdf or a tiff.

We encourage artists to submit advanced colouring book* art, with repetitive elements,  patterns, and loads of colouring opportunities. Here are some recommendations if you're stuck on how to do that:

  • A stained glass or mosaic style
  • Mandalay, geometric or kaleidoscopic Patterns in the background, drawn in or added after the fact
  • Abstract complexities, much like The Little Prince colouring book (right)

June 1st


Note: we have ensured that will reach us as well! You're welcome!

*These are often called adult colouring books but to avoid confusion about the rating of the colouring book, we're using the term advanced!

Everyone who has their art included in the colouring book will receive a copy of the book and some extra Feral! surprises as well.

Since this is a Camp Feral! retrospective we want the art to reflect Camp Feral!, so generic summer camp, outdoor or furry art will likely not be put into the book. This is why we ask that all artists contact us before starting. Attendance at Feral! isn't a pre-requisite for submission at all! We just want to make sure the book is about Feral!


  • Anyare
  • Ash Bearfox
  • Artimas
  • Crono
  • Edge
  • Eevachu
  • Ferris
  • Ivybeth
  • Kabier
  • Keto
  • Kihu
  • Loopy
  • MelSkunk
  • Nayo
  • Neverwolf
  • Patches
  • Rain
  • RoxiKat
  • Soryane
  • Tuler
  • Vallhund

... and many many more have been contacted! Newer artists added to the list are bolded and pink! This list will be updated as new artists confirm!

Another example from The Little Prince colouring book.