Theme 2015: Feral! the 13th Part 2 – Jason vs Slendermoose

In 2010, our beloved silent and constantly-bemused-at-our-ridiculousness mascot Pawnee snapped. While wandering the camp, overseeing his domain, he stumbled upon two items: a hockey mask and a machete.

Jason Furhees was born!

Feral! the 13th was our most popular theme EVAR! Every year since, campers have asked us for a sequel. Now it’s five years later…and it’s time to see what ‘Part 2’ has in store.

‘Feral! the 13th: Part 2’ continues our homage to the ‘summer camp horror’ genre by moving into the crazy world of sequels. It’s in the sequels that our favourite villains do the weirdest things. For instance:

In the other major Summer Camp Horror series, Sleepaway Camp, the sequels change the story from disturbing horror into goofy horror comedies starring Bruce Springsteen’s sister!

In 2015, Jason Furhees had a new friend. Or foe? A shadowy figure in the woods…leaving mysterious pages scattered in the woods…seemingly appearing out of nowhere when you think you’re safe…his antlers peeking out from behind trees atop a tall, willowy body…


Edge's Concept Art for Slendermoose
Edge’s Concept Art for Slendermoose

All horror characters are welcome in 2015 to fight against…or with…our two central monsters!