Theme 2014: Algonquinos

Algonquinos is an ancient world divided in four where a recent disaster has led to a battle for the crown.

The Blue Coats of the North, once ruled by the revered, jovial, beloved and friendly Bard King have been thrown into chaos by the actions of a spontaneous and single-focused peasant, Timbehr, who will now be crowned king due to a forgotten law of the land.

His call of coronation sends the rest of the lands into action:

  • The Yellow Coats of the South, led by King Nayo, are a proud agricultural people who live life on and of the land.
  • The Green Coats of the East, led by Queen March, a mysterious people in a land inhabited by magic, fairies and great unknown power.
  • The Red Coats of the West, led by the Bard King’s estranged twin brother King Potoroo, a greedy state of Machiavellian intrigue and great riches.

Will future King Timbehr use the powers of the ancient ring to defeat the three other lands of Algonquinos?

Can a mythical being, centuries old from the rustic woods of Algonquinos protect them all from war?

Are they all just a bunch of idiots battling to control an imaginary place that doesn’t really exist?
Join us in 2014 as we celebrate high fantasy in the only way Feral! can – by f**king with it:

  • ‘Algonquinos’ – A Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings inspired original video series on YouTube
  • A Camp Wide Game designed by the Montreal Furs ending with a final showdown!
  • Movie nights including the traditional ‘Bad Movie’ night full of horrible wizards and ‘hard to watch’ fantasy
  • Bacon, meat and bacon just like a medieval feast!
  • A Musician’s Circle and Campfire Sing-A-Long for all the Bards
  • A Poetry Corner to celebrate the stories of ancient battles and proud kings
  • Leather Working workshop returns for all the leathersmiths to…leather things!
  • And much, much more!

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