What is CampFeral?

Camp Feral! is an annual furry summer camp that takes place in the wilderness of Algonquin Park, Ontario at the end of each summer. It first started in 1998, making it the third oldest furry convention in the world, while also being Canada's first convention, and the world's only furry summer camp!

Originally conceived as a blend of Toronto fur meet, furry University and summer camp, Feral! has grown to become one of the most unique experiences in the fandom. It is also a strong and welcoming community of veteran campers...so there's no need to be nervous if you're a newbie!

Feral 2016 will be held Thursday, August 25th to Monday, August 29th, and in typical Camp Feral! fashion will be celebrating musicals...by being a musical. Guests of Honour are piano rocker Mathew Ebel and vibrant visual artist Tuler!

Please browse the site to find out more, or contact us with any questions!