Guests of Honour: Kabier, Keto Wolf and Vallhund!


Kabier grew up on a farm, and spent a bit of time living on a golf course in Caledonia, a small rural town just outside of Hamilton, ON.  Kabier definitely has had experience mucking around in the outdoors!

A full time digital artist who works from home, Kabier dedicates time to comics and video game projects in collaboration with their partner Jasonafex. Never having studied art, they really took a gamble trying to go straight into running their own business, and are sure glad they did.

Kabier found the furry fandom through Lion King fan art, and had always wanted to learn how to draw anthros, so when they happened upon the furry community they gave it a shot and never turned back!

Feral will be Kabier’s first time camping, so let’s make sure it’s the best time ever!

When Keto is not imagining what would make the best makeshift weapon if a zombie apocalypse broke out, he's usually eating, or drawing, or eating or hanging out with friends, or eating as imaginary music plays in my head... while eating. He currently lives in San Diego, and is an aspiring artist of traditional and digital mediums. All this really is, is filler text to make it look like Keto is interesting.

Keto been drawing for about a decade, and has been active in the furry community for just as long. He loves the community, contributes as much as he can by sharing what he love to do.


Vallhund, Vallhound or Ryan Nyiro is a Digital Illustrator from Winnipeg that works exclusively for the furry community. He has been an artist all his life with minimal formal training, and worked in the hospitality industry as a cook for years before changing pace and becoming a working Illustrator as a career. With time comes skill, and over the years Vallhund's artwork has steadily improved from constant practice, and will likely do so as time goes forward.